If you’re like many others and have been mostly staying put since March 2020, you may be itching to get out of your house to explore somewhere new or to visit family in a different state/country. If you’re thinking about traveling by plane, we encourage you to do so in the safest way possible! 

  • Get Tested: Many locations require a negative PCR test result within about 72 hours of your arrival. Make sure to check for specific local guidelines. If you need a PCR test for traveling, please scroll down to request a Covid-19 test in Tampa.
  • Mask Up: Wear a tight-fitting mask, such as an N95, and something to cover your eyes like glasses or a face shield. We recommend filling up on water and food before you head to the airport so you can avoid having to take off your mask the whole time you are traveling.
  • Social Distance: Try to stay spread out from others as much as possible in the airport terminal, this may be more difficult when you are actually seated on the plane, but just do the best you can. 
  • Stay Clean: Keep an easily accessible bottle of hand sanitizer with you to use when you touch any heavily trafficked areas such as door handles, luggage bins, and escalator banisters. Try to avoid touching your face the whole time you are traveling. 

For vaccinated individuals, it is still important to get tested, mask up, social distance, and practice proper hygiene because there may be people around us who are not yet vaccinated. If you have any questions about traveling safely, please reach out to us!

Covid-19 testing for travel

At Insight Life Care, we offer rapid, industry-leading, reference lab level PCR "yes or no" viral testing for our patients and their contacts, all done in the safety of your own home or office. 

With rapid turnaround of results and careful, informed physician follow-up for our practice members, it's the gold standard of testing available with the highest accuracy and predictive value.

  • Free with health insurance (all commercial payor insurances including Medicare)
  • Complimentary concierge service – test is done in your home/place of residence
  • Can test entire facility or staff group at once
  • Results within 24-48 hours
  • Method: nasopharyngeal swab
  • Type: PCR molecular – gold standard of testing

Please note: Non-members must pay a $50 administration fee for the test.

Follow the below steps to schedule your Covid-19 test:

Step 1: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR COVID-19 TESTING REQUEST FORM. (A form must be submitted for each individual being tested.)

Step 2: Complete the form, save it, and email it to us. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US YOUR COMPLETED TESTING REQUEST FORM(Make sure you attach the completed form to the email!)

Step 3: We will contact you to schedule your test upon receipt of your completed form. Please call us at (813) 689-2961 if you have any questions. 

Choose Insight Life Care for your healthcare needs

Insight Life Care is uniquely poised to bring you affordable, convenient health care that you won’t find at another healthcare provider. If you work with us, you will:
  • 24/7 access to your doctor, whether it be via an in-person appointment within 24 hours or through telehealth. 
  • Lab work and testing done right here in our office.
  • Remote monitoring and testing (such as EKGs and vitals) done wirelessly wherever you are. 
  • Lengthy appointments with your doctor to cover all of your concerns.


Chris Nussbaum, MD, FHM founded Insight Life Care after 25 years of primary care and hospital practice in order to create an environment where patients are at the forefront of care. Click here to learn more »