A Tampa primary care physician is your first point of contact for primary medical care and provides services ranging from annual checkups to an appointment if you become sick. Insight Life Care, a Tampa primary care and concierge medical service, is poised to provide you with a unique primary direct care experience that you won’t find anywhere else through our concierge care model.

The benefits of direct primary care in a concierge medicine setting

Americans avoid going to a primary care doctor for a wide variety of reasons. According to a recent study, about 40% of Americans will skip a routine checkup or medical test and 44% avoid going to the doctor because of cost. In fact, many Americans fear the cost of medicine over serious illness. There are other reasons people avoid going to the doctor, too. These include:

  • The average wait time at the doctor’s office is about 20 minutes.
  • On average, a patient will get about 15 to 17 minutes with their doctor to go over their health concerns. 
  • Often, a patient only gets to address one health concern with their primary care physician during the visit. 
  • During a primary care visit, patients are not always guaranteed an appointment with a doctor. Sometimes, a patient may end up being seen by an advanced nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. 
  • If a patient hasn’t seen a doctor for a long time, they may have to find a new physician. The average patient has to wait for eighteen days to see a doctor.
  • A primary care physician also can be expensive, with a single visit ranging anywhere from $75 to $250 depending upon the provider. Even when you have insurance, there are still copays which range from $0 to $100 depending on your coverage.

Insight Life Care can provide primary care physician services that overcome all the obstacles of the traditional healthcare system. If you use our concierge medical services, you can get access to a doctor within 24 hours. You are also guaranteed an unhurried visit with the doctor in order to address all of your medical concerns. Other benefits of working with our concierge medical service for your primary care needs include:

  • You will always see a doctor, not just a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. 

  • On-site testing and remote monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, and EKG readings that are convenient for your needs and your schedule. 

  • Quick referrals to specialists - typically we can get you in much sooner and we will manage all of the scheduling, transfer of information, and follow up for you.

  • A monthly membership that starts at $150 and includes unlimited office visits and 24/7 access to your doctor via phone, text, and video chat.

  • Your doctor visits are truly private if you visit our clinic, as you will most often be the only patient at the clinic for the duration of your visit. 

Insight Life Care, a primary care provider to get your health care back on track

If you are an individual who has avoided seeing your primary care doctor because of the cost or inconvenience, we highly recommend that you try our concierge medical service for your primary care. Here are some of the primary care services that we provide to patients living in the Greater Tampa Area:

  • Internal medicine: Our concierge doctor is an internist who can help diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases, a key component of primary care. 

  • Adult primary care: We comprehensively work with patients as part of our primary care services to promote overall health, educate patients, and help with the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.

  • Telehealth: You can visit with your primary care doctor remotely at no additional charge if coming to the clinic is complicated because of your busy work schedule or if you travel.

  • House calls: We also offer house calls as part of our primary care service if it is more convenient for you to be seen in your home or at your office.

Working with a primary health care provider in a concierge setting can have several different benefits towards your long-term health:

  • Working with your healthcare provider regularly and developing a relationship with them has proven to help prevent certain chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

  • Studies have shown that continuity of any healthcare plan will result in better standard of long-term care. 

  • Our doctor is a Fellow of Hospital Medicine, who can admit and oversee your treatment in the hospital and continue your care after you transition back home. Studies have shown that if you are hospitalized, continuing your treatment with your primary care provider will help result in a better patient outcome. 

At the end of the day, electing to use a concierge medical service like Insight Life Care will result in better long-term health because you will spend much more time with your physician. Having the ability to call your doctor personally any time of the day, along with having extended, unhurried visits whenever you want enables a much more effective healthcare relationship. Having longer appointments not only allows you to communicate to your doctor concerns about your health, but they also let your doctor educate you on lifestyle choices that prevent chronic disease.

Concierge direct primary care in Tampa, Florida

Insight Life Care also takes the guesswork out of your costs. We offer a membership-based primary direct care model that makes healthcare affordable and convenient. We have plans that cost $150/month, $250/month, and we even have a program for employers to help their employees get the healthcare that they need. Some of the benefits of our membership-based concierge direct primary care model include:

  • Your costs are controlled: For $150/month, you have unlimited access to a doctor with over 30 years of experience practicing internal medicine in Tampa Bay. In our office, we can cover 80-90% of your healthcare needs. If we encounter an issue that needs specialist intervention, we will schedule, manage, and follow up with all outside providers for you.

  • More time with your doctor: Developing a personal relationship with your doctor enables you to truly engage in your healthcare. Also, having a doctor you can call 24/7 helps to keep you out of urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. It’s like having a doctor in the family!

  • No health insurance needed: We provide the same level of care to our patients regardless of their health insurance status. Although our services are not a replacement for health insurance, we can meet most of your healthcare needs in our office for a low monthly cost. For our uninsured patients, we have negotiated cash prices with outside providers to make your entire healthcare experience more affordable. Contact us to learn more.

  • Accessible visit options: Our doctor and nurse will see you wherever you are, whether via telemedicine, an in-office visit, or a home doctor visit in Tampa. We understand that traveling to our office is not always convenient or available to you - just let us know which visit option works best for you.

Work with Insight Life Care for your primary care needs

If you are looking to resume regular interaction with a primary care physician, you might want to consider Insight Life Care. Our membership services start at $150 per month and you can see a doctor in as little as 24 hours. Insight Life Care is a great way to get access to affordable healthcare and centralize all of your care needs under one clinic. 


Chris Nussbaum, MD, FHM founded Insight Life Care after 25 years of primary care and hospital practice in order to create an environment where patients are at the forefront of care. Click here to learn more »